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Consider this section to be a creative waterpark full of random blog posts, some audio and/or video tracks, guest writers and my personal favorite, interviews! Jump in and swim around!

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The time you were born

Bell-rung drunk you dread the morning. The truck that collects bottles in the lot out your window is always on time again.The bathroom light casts halos on various proceedings, providing a sudden let’s-see-what's-happening-here momentum. Is this a blurred effigy or vision? You reach and paw at shadows, tenderly confused. [Read previous non sequitur]...

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Better Than Love

Full disclosure on this one: I wrote this after looking up the words "the," "then" and "though" in an electronic dictionary. You never know where the muse is hanging out.

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Interview with David Biespiel

David Biespiel is widely recognized as one of the leading poets of his generation, a liberal commentator on national politics, and an expert in teaching writing. He currently divides his teaching among three universities: in the fall as the Visiting Poet at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in...

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Peter Sears

Peter Sears is the author of four books of poems, Tour: New & Selected Poems; The Brink; Green Diver; and most recently, Small Talk. He received his M.F.A. from the Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa and is the 1999 winner of the Peregrine Smith Poetry Contest. His poems...