Let's get together

Do you play (work) well with others?

In 2004 I was laid off and spent a few months being unemployed, looking for a full-time writing gig. By May I had my first contract gig, and another followed in July. I was feeling good. Things were easy. Then those projects wrapped up and I had no work beyond the occasional Craigslist job, a few of which actually paid. That lasted until early in 2006 when, in the middle of the night, I started typing random strings of words into Google in the hopes of finding work. Weird (and positive) things happened shortly after that.

Things I have done to create partnerships

  • Emailed a graphic designer because her business name was a drug reference, or seemed so to me. It worked.
  • Accidentally stalked a Portland brand professional, stopped him in the middle of the crosswalk at NW Glisan and Broadway, and convinced him we need to work together. It worked.
  • Nodded and smiled on at least three occasions when a potential partner/client said, "You look like a writer."
  • Talked at length about being left-handed.
  • Read and commented on excerpts from a VP of Marketing's screenplay about a talking golf ball.
  • Stayed for an extra drink at a client's request.
  • Helped move furniture.
  • Made weekly arrangements to work at a partner's office space on the other side of town because he asked.
  • Taken numerous trips to Oregon's wine country.

Things I do that don't look like writing

  • Lead meetings
  • Create strange yet meaningful designs on the nearest whiteboard so as to capture the creative ideas flying around
  • Make time for extra meetings
  • Research
  • Interview
  • Offer creative input on design when asked
  • Create very functional bullet point lists that help keep track of the project
  • Brew and bring others cups of coffee
  • Maintain a sense of calm

Look at this fantastic white board work (created on the fly during a brainstorm session)>>>