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Links to videos

  • Cash&Carry "Cares." This project (in partnership with Portland-based Odyssey Films) helps highlights Cash&Carry's annual fundraising and food drive initiative. My role involved pitching the concept, creating the script, and sticking around to review various drafts and version of the final product. It one of my favorite projects.
  • Cash&Carry "Customer Connections." This collaboration with Odyssey Films involves a suite of nine videos that give Cash&Carry's customers a chance to tell the Cash&Carry story from their POVs. Working with Odyssey, we successfully pitched the original broad idea to Cash&Carry, then executed on videos in Oregon, Washington and Northern California. My role involved preliminary interviews with customers, primary interviews with our "finalists," and script overview to support filming and B-roll.
  • Idealist Consulting's "Sydney's World." Yet another collaboration with Odyssey Films, the client wanted something they referred to as a "brochure video." We nudged them toward storytelling as a way to communicate their core services a little more creatively. My role involved the creative concept, script, and review.
  • Oregon's Health CO-OP "Dare to Listen." In partnership with DOJO Agency, we created a suite of commercials, viral clips and radio spots to support Oregon's Health CO-OP's brand message and open enrollment sales cycle. This clip gets cuts to the heart of the brand story in 30 seconds.
  • "Misadventures in Advertising." Also known as "Dave's angry hippie story," this clip delves into the story of the ad agency that fired me because of the Birkenstocks I'm also wearing in this picture which is part of this story. (See, everything's connected.)
  • Lullafi "All the Right Moves." Working with Odyssey Films, we created this short to promote the launch of Lullafi, a new baby tech device. My role involved the initial concept, creative brief, and script.
  • Lullafi "Uncle Mike's Sleep Solution." This short animated clip delves deeper into the Lullafi story, complete with its leading character, "Uncle Mike." Working with Odyssey, we conceptualized the narrative and built a script that would help guide a fun, informative and quirky tale.
  • Live interview with Sid Miller, founder of Burnside Review. Sid Miller and I hooked up for this live interview during Portland's Wordstock Literary Festival (2009). Published here courtesy of our friends Writers' Dojo.

Links to articles, poems, etc.

  • Cross-Cut: "Falling Into Edna St. Vincent Millay" . In conjunction with the movie Guys Reading Poems, writer/director Hunter Lee Hughes put a call out for an essay from a list of featured poets. I chose Millay, on whom I've had a crush since my early 20s.
  • Baseball Savvy "Where are they now" feature on Larry Colton. I admit to a casual bit of stalking on this one, as Larry was someone I wanted to talk to about writing and about baseball. From Phillies farm hand, to published author, to founder of Community of Writers, one of Oregon's most important literary organizations during its day, Larry was also a member of the infamous Portland Mavericks baseball club.
  • Ex:Change "Write Brain Change." I met Mary Claire through an assignment from Lewis & Clark College, and we hit it off. I loved her passion and commitment to a project that she conceived, curated, and completed from the road (and her writing studio). When she invited me to create a guest post for her ongoing blog, of course I said YES. Thanks Mary.
  • "The Kids Will All Write." File this one under "Tales from the third-grade writing workshop." I still bump into these kids in Portland. They've grown up to be pretty awesome. When they were third-graders, they just wanted a chance to write in as unencumbered a fashion as possible. I hope they look back on the experience positively (and I hope they don't mind me making fun of their drooling).
  • ReadWritePoem archives. As far as online literary communities go, ReadWritePoem still stands out in my mind as one of the bravest and boldest, probably a little ahead of its time (not to mention a labor of love for the kind folks who made it go). I was honored to be a part of it, and am happy to share the prompts, interviews, reviews and more that still live online.
  • Rattle "The Cosmic Dance." One of the first poems I wrote after my daughter's birth, Rattle was kind enough to pick it up and feature it in issue #37, summer 2012.
  • Lewis & Clark Chronicle "From Butte to Cairo: A Daredevil Journey." The best part of writing this review was getting a chance to read Pauls Toutonghi's novel, Evel Knievel Days. Hanging out with Pauls on campus and sitting in on his undergrad lit class were pretty rad times as well.
  • Lewis & Clark Chronicle "The Need to Succeed." This piece highlights the work of Mollie Galloway, and her research into cheating, stress, and the kids "play the game of school."
  • Reed Magazine "Rugby, Nails and Verse." Elyse Fenton is one of the country's most gifted poets as far as I'm concerned. This feature article delves into her process and practice, and shares a little insight on everything from building trails to arriving at the page.