Deep Dive Workshop for Young Writers in Portland

The summer Deep Dive writing workshop gives young writers a chance to move their creative work forward after they've finished high school, gone on to college, are in a gap year...whatever the case may be. 

The Deep Dive Writing Workshop balances literary theory, critical exploration, craft and workshopping over 12 sessions

The thought: what if young writers, regardless of where they are in their journey into adulthood, have the time, space and support to commit to their writing for extended stretch this summer. And: what if they  commit to specific project or group of pieces? 

Each week, we'll focus on different aspects of craft across genres: fiction, personal essay, biography, poetry and more.  

Writers who are interested in other forms--such as songwriting, screenwriting, or something else--will find a home in the Deep Dive workshop as well. 

WHEN: July 24 thru August 18 (twelve sessions over four weeks, every Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

WHERE: Attic Institute (4232 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland)

WHAT TIME: 1:30 thru 4:30 p.m. 

HOW MUCH*: $350 for all twelve sessions. Weekly tuition is $100 for writers who wish to enroll week-by-week. 

*Writers also enrolled in the high school writing workshop receive a 10% discount on total tuition costs. 


Bounce over to the 2017 writing workshop announcement page to learn more. Or keep reading below.

While material will change from class to class, our work will follow a similar weekly arc: 

Literary theory and critical review: our deep dive includes exploring the work of other writers and critics, along with an in-depth look at structure, syntax, voice and form. 

Generative exercises in response to writing examples: working in different voices and forms, writers will push beyond their comfort zones to discover other voices and forms are waiting for them.   

Group workshopping: each week, writers will bring a new or revised sample of their work for in-class review and critique. 

Turning in pages: every Friday, writers will turn in up to 10 pages of printed material to class instructor, Dave Jarecki, for review and critical feedback. 

This year's Deep Dive will focus on starts and finishes.   

All writers love the beginning--that rush of ideas, the words flying onto the page or screen. But what about the ending? How do we get there? How do we move through the blocks, or the boredom, or the things that stop us short of the finish? On the other hand, does finishing matter? What's waiting for us and writing then? What if we just want to start over and over. The 2017 Deep Dive writing workshop will focus on starts and finishes at all levels--from first and last words of stories and poems, to approaches in lineation that help create and convey new meaning.