Better Than Love

Full disclosure on this one: I wrote this after looking up the words "the," "then" and "though" in an electronic dictionary. You never know where the muse is hanging out.

All Them Paths

We never know where the storytelling gene comes from, what side of the family tree, which piece of fruit and whatnot. This song is a nod to the meandering nature of our grandmas and the way they spin words and weave tales.

Ain't James Dean

This song came out in three distinct parts, the first two on Halloween night, 1998, after I flipped around the TV and fell upon "Rebel Without a Cause." Add in my own little heartbreak of the time, and some basic chord structure, and "Ain't James Dean" is the result.


Old friends, Pink Floyd, laser lights, and LSD served up in the nation's capital, as told by Banjo Fiction.

Let's Sell Amerika

"'s probably worth a dime. Take it down to Mexico and have us a time." Special thanks to Scott Neidig and his delicious banjo accompaniment.